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Our warehouse in Montreal continues to provide customers with secure, cost efficient storage solutions that best fit their business model. With over 300,000 square feet of temperature controlled storage space we are able to offer almost any storage or handling service required and are will always work with our customer to customize the service to best fit their product. Our warehousing Montreal service is matched only by our dedication in maintaining a clean, secure, temperature and pest controlled facility at all times.


  • Long term / Short term pallet storage at our warehouse in Montreal. 

  • cGMP grade double-deep racking or open floor storage.

  • Aerosol grade racking storage including individual sprinkler heads per rack.

  • Oversized and/or delicate goods storage areas at our warehouse in Montreal.

  • Secured Warehousing Montreal storage areas with controlled access.

  • Crossdock services.

  • Lot controlled storage and shipment services.

  • Web based Inventory management and replenishment services with client portal access.

  • CHEP Inventory management and tracking.

  • Recall management and product quarantine services

Packages On Warehouse Shelves



  • Standard pallet in & out service.

  • Oversized and/or delicate pallet/unit handling services.

  • Order picking and appointment arrangement.

  • Palletizing or pallet reinforcement.

  • Container stuffing and de-stuffing services.

  • Physical Inventory management services.

  • Recall management and consolidation services.

Warehouse Inventory Handling


  • Camionnage CP Maintains over 45 SOPs including operations, safety and security and quality control as well as customer-specific SOPs for specialized handling and/or storage of goods.

  • Camionnage CP warehouse in Montreal employees are trained in over 40 separate Standard Operating Procedures and are required to take refresher courses every two (2) years.

  • All Camionnage CP Montreal warehousing employees are ASTE certified lift operators and are required to renew this license every three (3) years. 

  • All Camionnage CP warehousing Montreal employees are ASTE certified to handle dangerous goods and are required to renew this license every three (3) years.

  • All Temperature monitors in our warehouse in Montreal are calibrated annually with BNQ certificate.

  • Our warehouse in Montreal is mapped for pest control and inspected on a monthly basis.

  • All Camionnage CP Warehousing Montreal are under 24 hour camera surveillance as well as include 24 hour private security on site.

 Scanning & Taking Inventory In A Camionnage CP Warehouse
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