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Camionnage CP Inc. carbon offset program

With monthly donations, Camionnage CP has an ambitious goal to plant enough trees to offset the carbon emissions caused by our trucks. We are committed to planting trees in this province since Quebec is where we operate and reside. Planting trees is a direct action towards this goal and it is extremely beneficial to us all living here. Therefore, we are doing our part to protect the environment. Follow the statistics above to monitor our progression and commitment. In acknowledgment, we receive certificates for every tree planted in our name.

One Tree Planted

One tree planted is an environmental charity, non-profit organization, focused on global reforestation founded in 2014. Their message is simple, help the environment by planting trees and they more than double the number of trees planted year over year. They make it easy for businesses like ours to give back to the environment. We understand the importance of trees for a healthier climate, clean water and protecting biodiversity and so the ‘‘one tree’’ formula propounded by One Tree Planted is a direct route for a transport company such as Camionnage CP. We are proud partners!  Visit:

Community Gardens for Local Food banks

In early 2020 we partnered with the West Island Mission to build and maintain over 20 gardens in the green space of one of our facilities.  These gardens are dedicated to the West Island Fresh campaign where all produce is harvested for local foodbanks.  In 2021 the program has grown so popular that there are now well over 100 gardens and many more coming with cities getting involved.  It is a very rewarding way for us to give back directly to the community that surrounds us.



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