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Camionnage CP offers a complete E-Comm and order fulfillment service for customers of all sizes and volumes. Our focus is on picking accuracy, timely shipping and attention to detail. Once clients are setup we will look after the operations to allow our clients to focus on growing their business.


  • Over 100,000 square feet of pick/pack space.

  • Complete B2B and B2C service, from container pickup to shipping your orders, we can look after it all.

  • We cater to fulfillment clients of all sizes. We do not require a minimum order amount or monthly storage quantity.

  • Multiple platform integration such Walmart, Amazon, Shopify and more.

  • All-in-one customizable inventory management system with web portal access for all clients.

Camionnage CP Fulfillment Center | Warehouse Inventory


Our E-Comm platform will integrate with any major platform required. Whether it be Amazon or Shopify we will web link your account for seamless order and traceability functions.

All clients will have 24/7 back-end access to their inventory and orders.  Clients have 100% visibility of their account at all times.

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