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Updated: May 10, 2023

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With a fleet of over sixty-five trucks and one-hundred-and-eighty trailers,Camionnage CP Inc. is dedicated to providing clients and customers with dependable, cost-efficient transport solutions to the Greater Montreal area.We offer unmatched services such as transportation, distribution, storage,order fulfillment and e-commerce, product recall and quarantine, product destruction and recycling, and storage van rentals in order for our clients to focus on growing their business while we take care of their customers and the logistics.

Order Fulfillment

Various services are provided by Camionnage CP, but the one that is the most crucial to success is the order fulfillment process. Order fulfillment covers the complete process of receiving, processing, packing, picking, and shipping online orders to customers. Successful fulfillment depends on a third party’s ability to complete the order fulfillment steps for thee-commerce online store.For many companies, a successful order fulfillment looks something like this:

1.Receive online order

2.Process order in your back-office system

3.Notify customer that order has been received

4.Send request for fulfillment to the ware house

5.Order is picked

6.Order is packed

7.Order is shipped

8.Shipping notification is sent to the customer

9.Order arrives

If all goes well, the customer’s order arrives on time, undamaged, with the 0correct item(s).

If the current logistics company you are in business with doesn’t provide you with the steps and outcome above, here are a few ways for you to improve your e-commerce order fulfillment:

1.Demand seamless integration

2.Enable end-to-end visibility

3.Choose the right shipper

4.Enable exception-based order management

5.Warehouse locations

6.Communicate with your customer

7.Accept returns and refunds

As a successful client, each step above should be taken care of when choosing the correct company to take care of order fulfillment.

How Camionnage CP’s E-Fulfillment is the Right Choice for You

The times are constantly changing, and more and more people are online shopping to get necessities quicker and make life easier. Whether it is clothing, technology, cosmetics, or even groceries, eCommerce is growing,and companies, distributors, and warehouses need to keep up with the increasing demand. Camionnage CP has over one-hundred-thousand square feet dedicated to fulfillment, so that we can fulfill online orders from various platform integrations. API integration allows our e-commerce platform to integrate any major platform required from Amazon to Shopify,resulting in a smooth order and visible traceability functions. Clients have one-hundred-percent visibility of their account at all times and twenty-four-seven access to their inventory and orders providing you with transparency and trust. From container pickup to shipping orders,Camionnage CP completes the B2B and B2C service, so that you don’t have to worry about your products in storage, or transport. We cater to clients of all sizes and do not require a minimum order amount or monthly storage quantity as many other warehouses do. Our inventory management system is all-in-one and customizable so that we can cater to each specific client and provide you with the services you need in order for your business to continue growing.

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